Gary’s Hangar Nine Corsair with Evolution 777

Recently visited one of the “Garys'” to make a stab at getting his Evolution 777 4 stroke, radial, 7 cylinder motor to run at other than 20-35% throttle settings.  Previously that was the “best” we could get.

But today, here is what we got to…


This is a much superior result.  So what was holding it back?  On the previous runs we had been running some older fuel and also been advised that we needed to open up the high speed needle a bit… but undoubtedly the key factor had to be the replacement of all 7 glow plugs!

A bit of overthinking (perhaps) had led someone to decide that the brand new plugs in the motor needed replaced before the first test run.  And someone else advised that the OS #8 was the best plug for ALL glow motors!  Perhaps that statement might have been a bit… overstated!?

While I agree that the OS#8 has long been one of the best all around plugs for a large majority of smaller displacement 2 stroke glow motors, there are also reasons that manufacturers recommend hotter plugs, colder plugs and very pertinent here… specialized 4 stroke plugs for some motors.  So by moving back to the provided 4 stroke plugs, fresh mixed fuel and some judicious tweaking of the needles per instructions from the support folks at Horizon Hobby… and we are now officially into the break-in process!

This Corsair might actually get off the ground… eventually!

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