My Stuff – Newsletter articles, presentations, papers, etc… that I authored myself.

LIFE Monitoring – Originally written for the December 2012 Indy RC Modelers Newsletter and republished in the AMA Insider (now defunct) January 2013 issue. 

Servo Linkage Part 1 – Originally written for the February 2013 Indy RC Modelers Newsletter.  Also published in the AMA Insider!

Servo Linkage Part 2 – Originally written for the March 2013 Indy RC Modelers Newsletter.  Also published in the AMA Insider!

LiPo Storage – Ever wonder why your LiPo batteries seem to lose their capacity just sitting around?  Maybe there’s something you can do to extend their life-span!

Prop Loading Article – Wanting better performance from your engine?  Have you considered a different propeller?  Some insight on how to choose the right propeller for the job.

Prop Loading Spreadsheet – companion piece to the above article.

Tips – This section will contain primarily articles about building tips and related tidbits.  I don’t claim these are all original ideas.  Often I have just tried to better illustrate and explain things I have learned from other modelers.  Hope these things are helpful.

Tip – Trimming Nylon Bolts

Tip – Measuring control surface defletion in inches when specified in degrees

Tip – Baby socks for your covering iron

Tip – Wing tube to tight

Tip – Saving Money on Connectors


Document Collection – this is collected docs that I have come across elsewhere.  Some I don’t know know where they came from so if one of these is something you created and don’t want to share, just let me know and I’ll take it down.  Otherwise they are just here as a public service.

Telemaster40BuildingInstr – This is a scan of the Telemaster 40 Hobby Lobby Kit instructions just in case someone has found an old kit and needs instructions or maybe are doing a repair and need some help.

Carburetor Adjusting 101 – Tim Mills – This is an old article written by the late Tim Mills.  It explains a proven method for tuning carburetors on glow engines.  Some folks I know consider this the definitive article on how to do it!

Use of flaps – A concise discussion of how flap deployment affects an aircraft.

A Guide to Electric Power Systems1 – Discussion of electric motor, ESC, battery and prop sizing for RC aircraft.

Aircraft Setup Control Throws-Travel – A short discussion of the trade offs involved in control linkage geometry.

General-RC-Information Book – A 23 page wide ranging document covering topics from building to flying and more.  This document has been included in many Carl Goldberg kits over the years.  While it is a bit dated there is a lot of very useful information in this document that is still applicable.

Airplane Set Up – An excellent 13 page document covering everything from aircraft balancing and control surface throws to dual rates, exponential and mixing concepts.

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