About Me

I am an avvid RC Aircraft modeler and pilot in the Indianapolis Area.  I created this website in order to share my experiences in this wonderful hobby and as a convenient repository for related information I have come across.   In some cases, I’ve uploaded content that I have created  and in others useful and related information I’ve found around the web.  Mostly, I am just relating my own experiences and giving my honest opinions on RC products based on my real life, everyday usage.  I don’t claim to be impartial, fair or representative of others in the hobby.

I have been active in RC flying for 20+ years and during that time have flown electric, glow and gas.  I’ve entered into competition in both “Fun Fly” and IMAC, been an instructor, an officer in our local club (including Secretary, President, Vice President and Safety Officer) for multiple years, contributed to the newsletter and helped to create and run our annual RC airshow amongst other related activities.

I have a background in computer networking and electronics and currently work in the computer networking and telephony area to earn the money I spend “making a box of sticks fly!”.

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