Building the Top Flite Giant Scale P-40 – P5 Wiring

I’ve finally gotten back to some work on my friend Kelly’s P-40.  Lately I’ve gotten the plumbing done on the fuel tank and sorted out the electronic kill switch, battery and switch wiring.  Here’s a shot before I buttoned up the throttle servo tray. 2014-06-01 10.51.59

The A123 2300mah battery is bundled up in the blue foam and tucked up against the bulkhead just above the back of the tank.  With a couple of custom fit foam spacers to hold it in place it has no where to go.  The circuit board for the ignition kill is also sandwiched in between the battery foam and the spacers.  The ignition kill indicator light projects up through the fuselage just forward of the instrument panel but is protected inside the canopy.

Here’s another with things a bit more “buttoned up”.

2014-06-02 19.19.48

Not quite finished up… throttle linkage is hiding in the sidewall, one of the remote receivers is not plugged in yet but most of the wires are wrapped up and the radio/servo tray is in place and hopefully will not need to be removed again before the end of this build.  One more short session buttoning up the wiring, fuel tank and ignition and I should be able to finish up the fuselage and move on to the final steps to complete the wing.  From there we will be nearing flight ready!

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