Turbo Timber 2M SWS Part Two – Inspection and Possible Modifications

Turbo Timber 2M SWS – Part 2

As I was ordering, unboxing and just enjoying looking over the new addition to the fleet, I was reading and thinking and starting to make lists of possible updates, upgrades, modifications and accessories that I wanted/needed for the new airframe.

Its pretty cold and windy here in Indiana in the wintertime (Jan-Feb) so my available hobby time was in the shop or attending swap meets when possible.  Often I was going to the swap meets and selling stuff to pay for the TT SWS!

While I was doing all that I started compiling a list of things to consider changing/adding as I assembled the airplane.  Some came from reading about it on line, some from my experience with similar airplanes and what I knew about this new one and some came up during my unpacking, inspection and assembly.  So here is my list, in no particular order along with a few notes.

  1. How to attach the landing gear “spats” to the aluminum gear.  – I’ve already seen videos where they fell off on the first flight or landing or both.  I don’t think glue is going to handle this by itself.
  2. Install a light switch? – I had one in line with the landing lights on my Grand Tundra and it was nice to be able to switch those off and on separate from all the other lights.
  3. Crow?  – If I separate the two ailerons onto individual channels I could have full span flaps and crow if I wanted them… there’s some other mixes this enables as well.  Of course this plane doesn’t need any of that… but I could.
  4. Replace the ugly yellow wing bolts. – The yellow bolts just stick out like a sore thumb against the pristine white covering.  Black would look more in keeping with the color scheme as it exists so if I don’t have some “whiter” nylon bolts available I can go that way.
  5. The wood prop that it comes with is labeled 15×8 and looks remarkable like, other than being a tad shorter and not as shiny a finish, a Xoar E prop.  I happen to have a Xoar 15×8 in the drawer brand new so I could swap and maybe paint the stock prop to look nicer.
  6. Replace the wheels/tires.  – I’ve seen complaints on the tires being to hard but I’m not a fan of the inflatable types on this size/type of plane because they are hugely heavier than these.  If I have any other options laying around or if the new tires are really hard I can look around for a good light replacement.
  7. Servo Covers  – I’ve had a plane or two that had little 1/4 of an egg shaped covers or cowlings that shield the servo arm/linkage.  They look nice and are nicely aerodynamic.  I also like the protection they give the linkage/servo when the plane is in transit…
  8. Floats – I’v sure the TT makes a great float plane.  I love flying on floats and I have 3 or 4 sets around the house in dusty crannies… If I can find some that are a good fit I might adapt those.  Could always spring for new ones too…
  9. Add lights (interior).  – I would like to light this thing up internally to make it easier to fly at dusk and beyond.  
  10. Multi-connectors for the wings.  – I have some hanging around already and have the ability to tools to make more.  I know how much easier it is to connect/diconnect the wings when you only have one or two keyed connectors to plug in.
  11.  Spinner  – I had another plane recently that used a slotted spinner to increase airflow to the motor and love the idea of keeping the motor as cool as possible for long life and good performance.  Need to see where I can get one and at what price.
  12. Wing bags  – There are no wing bags with the airplane and a good set is really needed to keep things looking and functioning like new for a long period.  I need to see what I have around and if not, will probably order something.
  13. Identification  – Just a reminder to make sure I add my FAA registration as well as my AMA number.  Don’t want to run afoul of any regulations that will keep me from focusing on having fun when I’m out to fly.
  14. Personalization  – I pretty much always do something to separate my bird from the flock and this one will be no different.  Intially I’m thinking of stripping anything that is an actual decal and then add some stripes/pin striping or something similar made from vinyl or RC covering rather than water slides.
  15. Camera Mount  – Sooner or later I will want to put a GoPro or two on the plane and get some video so need to start planning location and method of attachment.
  16. Clean and Wax  – I have found that, especially on foamies but on covered aircraft a well, if you give the plane a good coat of wax… something like a good map on floor wax… less dirt clings to the airplane and it is easier to keep clean.
  17. Glider Tow  – Towing gliders is great fun and this plane looks like it would server very well for this.  I just need to figure out a mounting plate I can put near the trailing edge of the wing (top) and get that in place and controllable from a switch.

There are bound to be other things that pop up as I walk through the assembly so I’ll be back in the next part to talk about my assembly process as it proceeds and also comment on the above items as I address them or decide not to… as well as resolving any of those discovered issues.

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