Glow Carburetor Adjustment

Just a note to let folks know I just unearthed a little gem of an article on how to adjust your glow engine carburetor.  I believe this was originally posted to RCU back in 2004 but couldn’t find it when I needed it.  Now that I found a copy I did manage to locate it on RCU as well but I decided I would just post it here to my articles page just to insure I could always find it when I want it.  You can click on Articles above or you can just click this link to pull up the article directly.

Tim Mills Carburetor tuning 101

This was originally written by my late friend Tim Mills who passed on February 20, 2011.  Tim had an amazing touch with engines from Motorcycles to Airplanes… Gas or Glow, 2 or 4 Stroke.  Tim always said that you just had to listen to what the engine was telling you but he was one of the most fluent in that language that I have ever known.  I’m happy to share just a bit of his wisdom on the subject.



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  1. This is the most amazing article ever written, on this subject. I have followed these instructions with every glow motor I have ever owned. Once implemented, you will have a fool-proof motor, no dead sticks ever!
    I sure miss Tim!

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