Cubs (and other slow flyers) Fly In at MCRCC… and a RC SAR mission at our field.

This last weekend found a group of us visiting  (once again) the guys at the Monroe County RC Club.  We made the hour trek to the MCRCC field arriving at about 9:30 AM.  By 10 we were flying a couple carbon cubs, a 1.20 4 stroke  powered “big yellow cub”, and one quad.  I personally got in 3 good flights on the Carbon Cub before the weather turned wet and very breezy.  Our last flights of the day (just after lunch) were a couple of glider tow flights.  During the last of these, Steve Howard piloting his KA-8 ran into some trouble as the headwinds that preceded the heavy rain showers forced an “off site” landing.  Other than that, we had a good time visiting the guys at Monroe County.  For $10, including lunch (which seemed to consist of hot dogs specially blackened on one side…. I must get the recipe 😉 ) it was a good time and the folks there were welcoming and friendly as always.  We are all looking forward to their fall float fly coming up this fall.

Steve took a walk in the corn to retrieve his glider and as you can see it came out unharmed… though Steve was a bit damper for the experience.

Hmmm….  He’s in here somewhere….


Well at least the plane is coming out!





Ah, it brought Steve out too… excellent!


Martin Hooks did a couple flights with his camera equipped quad and provided this video overflight.  It’s an interesting perspective to watch the flights this way and see an aerial vantage point passing over the runway and surrounding areas.

Of special interest to those of us who might have had the experience of walking through the woods/cornfield/etc… looking for a down plane, take a look in the video at the views of the corn fields… you can see all the way to the ground between the stalks for quite some distance.  This works over beans, corn, trees, etc… to varying degrees and requires much less damage to the crops and far less trudging about!!

Earlier the same week we went out to our field and retrieved a Sport Cub (40″ +/- wingspan) from the bean field.  I had searched for an hour or so by standing on top of my explorer looking out over the beans… and even deploying field glasses but couldn’t get enough height to get food visibility.  With Martin’s quad, he was up for 30 seconds or less before we located the aircraft which was only 6 steps off the airfield!  I had been standing 20′ from it on top of my truck and it wasn’t visible!  Hint to airplane guys… make friends with the camera equipped quad guys… they can really rescue you!!  I know George, the owner of the plane, was very happy to get his aircraft back!!

Here’s a quick snapshot of Martin and his quad with the recovered cub.

2015-08-15 15.49.11

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