Tuning the DLE 55… Sudden RPM drops

Troubleshooting issues with my DLE 55. I had not tuned it since putting a can (Proflow) on it last fall so tweaked it a very small amount a couple weeks ago on one of the few warm days we had. Also went back to running Amsoil at 80:1 which I had very good luck with in the past. Had gone to 32:1 Pennzoil just to carry only 1 gas can but have two now so I went back to my old standard. Mixed up the new gas, then tuned.

Feeling stupid for changing two things at once as now I seem to get sudden RPM drops when trying to throttle up.  Doesn’t happen until a couple minutes into flight.  Rich up a bit but it didn’t eliminate the issue.  Going to try a bit more rich (high end) and mix some 50:1 as I guess it’s getting a bit hot??

May bring the low end up a bit richer too…  Maybe just can’t transition cause I’m to lean down low??  I’ll let you know what happens Wednesday when I fly again.


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