Tuning the DLE 55 Part II – Problem solved

Finally got back to the field tonight and adjusted the carb.  Took between 1/8th and 1/4 turn richer on the low end to cure the hesitation to throttle up.  In retrospect it seems obvious the engine was starving at the low end and having trouble transitioning.  Once on the high needle it ran well.  After the low end adjustment I had to go back and “un-do” my previous maladjustment of the high end.  Taking it back a bit leaner to allow it to peak out the way it should made the motor behave quite nicely with plenty of high end power in the humid and 82 degree weather.

I did, also add a bit more Amsoil to my gas before leaving home to bring it up to around 50:1 and help the engine survive my misguided adjustments… just in case.  So far it appears my adjustments didn’t result in any lasting issues and the engine is now running fine at the new settings and new mixture.

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