Glider Carry for the Telemaster 40 – Pt. 2

Just a quick update that the glider carry worked well… but not for George’s glider.  While the carriage worked great and the release system worked flawlessly for the Radian, what I hadn’t foreseen was the length of George’s glider would bring the glider’s rudder into contact with the Telemaster vertical stab.  So back to the drawing board…  I was not happy with the saddle on the bottom of the carriage not properly fitting the Telemaster wing anyway so when I can get back to it I think I’ll be extending the bottom of the unit with new side supports that will raise the whole unit by about 4 inches as well as being cut to fit the wing surface better.

When I get some new parts built and tested I will post again.  In the meantime I’d love to hear from anyone else who has done this.  Feel free to share your experiences.

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