Couple of new “to me” motor vendors… specs

Electric motor specs available

I recently was involved in a conversation that started out bemoaning the fact that Horizon hobby often doesn’t supply much in the way of specifications on many of their electric motors, when someone referenced a couple of sites that provided a plethora of information about that particular electric motor vendor products.

I have used ecalc to help me predict power system performance for years but that doesn’t get you around a lack of decent information and for those who for whatever reason don’t have access to that tool or have trouble understanding how to use it correctly, information from the vendor like those below has a very high value.

I haven’t tried out these motors for myself but I applaud the disclosure of specifications along with predicted (maybe tested) test results with a variety of propellers.  This really allows you to pick a setup that does what you want to do without a lot of trial and error as well as allowing us to get the most out of the motor, again without a lot of trial and error.

So here are the links to these manufacturers sites.  With this sort of available information I may have to give them a try.

Leopard Motor Data Chart

Badass Motor Data Chart



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