Conversion of the Aeroworks Extra 260 to Electric Power – P3

Well the glue dried and I got the motor mounted using 1″ spacers, 2.5″ bolts with fender washers in front and behind the firewall and nylon insert nuts on the back of the firewall.  These nuts are so much better than any combination of loctite, lock washers etc…  They will not vibrate loose even in big single cylinder gas applications (only heat can effect them and that takes quite a bit).

2015-04-21 21.58.44

Also mounted the speed control on the bottom of the motor box where there is a natural air flow and (by adding a hole in the bottom of the motor box) kept it close enough so the motor wires can plug right in and the battery wires can reach without any extensions.  Only the throttle wire may need an extension.

2015-04-21 21.58.25

Added the side air scoops as you can see above with Gorilla brand expanding glue.  It’s great for many things… seems to have great adhesion to so many surfaces and materials… just have to keep an eye on it to prevent problems due to expansion of the glue.  Here’s a link to the stuff I used.

Also opened up the bottom of the airplane for exhaust as directed in the instructions.

Need to close off the old switch opening, decide how or if to address the fuel dot, work on the battery hold down and do some general clean up of the internal wiring and it will be time to do some measurements and a bit of radio adjustment.  The last critical bit will be insuring the balance is on and it will be time to fly.

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