Xion Wing Lock – Pt 3 – Can’t recommend

After another couple flights on my Wild Hare Slick on Saturday I have lost a second wing lock.  Once again, no harm as I have clips on my anti-rotation pins and they once again stopped the wing from sliding out far enough to cause any issues.  I had the wing locks very snug and I believe installed these correctly so I can’t account for how they managed to exit the airplane.

Because of this, I can’t recommend this system.  While I love the idea of quick connect and disconnect and somewhat easier installation than the nylon bolts I was using…. I can’t positively identify why mine have now twice been lost in flight.  If these had been the only thing holding on my wings I would have trashed an airplane… twice now.

I’ll have noticed the studs from Xion seem very sloppy in the blinds that are in my wing so maybe this is somehow contributing to the problem.  Is this just a case of cheap blinds with to much play in them?  I don’t know but I’m done risking my plane to find out.  If you use these successfully I’d love to hear about what you did to make them work but I’m done with them for now.

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  1. Hi Jack, I’m not sure if I recall it correctly but you mentioned somewhere that you didn’t glue the rubber grommets in place: I think that’s it! Your system releases because the grommets allow it to rotate. Instructions clearly state to glue them down for a reason right?

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