Updates… Carbon Cub motor, AR9000 repair

In an earlier post I related my misfortune with my Carbon Cub motor having failed.  Another covered the issue of channel cross interference in a Spektrum receiver.  Well I’m happy to report that both issues are now resolved.

The Carbon Cub motor was replaced with no charge by Horizon Hobby.  In fact it came back in something like 4 days which allowed me to get a test flight in at the club field before slapping the floats on and making a trip back down to Lake Lemon near Bloomington, IN for the fall float fly.  Once again the Cub performed great.

I would still recommend the Carbon Cub, but I would certainly advise keeping a close eye on the BL52 motor from E-flite.  I love the Power 60 on my Extra 260 but this motor is not that same quality in my opinion.

On the receiver, once again Horizon finally came through, and not only replaced but upgraded me to a new AR9020 DSMX receiver.  I was a tad disappointed the tech still couldn’t recreate the issue after I sent them a video and exact transmitter settings that allowed me to recreate the issue using both my Spectrum radios!  The important thing I suppose is they did right by the customer and that seems to be the way they tend to  operate which is not always the case with all businesses.  Kudos to Horizon on that front.

It’s getting to be late in the flying season here so expect to see some building projects, indoor/micro electrics and similar discussion soon.




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