Second E-Ducted Fan… The Phase III Squall

When it rains it pours I guess…  After never having owned a ducted fan of any sort, I now find I have two of them!  I was at a swap meet recently and ran across this gorgeous little plane.

This is the Phase 3 Squall.  This one is the HP version so is ready for a 4 cell LiPo.  With a 3400KV motor and 45A speed control I expect some fairly high speed passes are possible.  I’ve also seen some fairly high alpha passes with the HP on video, probably due to that swept wing and the extra oomph.   They call for 4S 2500mah pack but since I already own some 3300s, you can guess what I’ll fly with for the maiden.

The paint job really caught my eye and I haven’t seen another like it… once I saw the price I was hooked.

I was warned to be cautious with the throws so I followed the manual precisely and put elevator, aileron and rudder on triple rate switches with the low rates being no higher than what is recommended for normal, an in-between step and then the recommended high rates.  I was also generous with the expo as is my standard operating procedure.

I’m hoping for good weather on the 1st when we have our “freeze fly” so I can get a maiden on it… I just got it ready to go today (about a week before) and of course the warm(ish) weather is departing tonight so we’ll have to wait and see.

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