My P-51B Top Flite Giant Scale Mustang

This post is just to cover the basic stats of one of the larger planes in my fleet.

Here’s a pic of me with my P-51 at the Indianapolis RC Modelers’ field in Morristown, IN.


Here are all the facts and figures for those who care:

Top Flite Giant P51D Mustang ARF…  Converted to a B model.

WS 84″.5  L 73″

Weight ~21 lbs

11 servos – Hitec 645s, Hitec 7955s

DA-50 with Keleo scale exhaust

JR 12 DSMX powersafe receiver

Batteries are 2 A123 2300mah for the receiver with BEC for ignition

TM1000 Spektrum Telemetry module with:  3 axis 8 G sensor, Altimeter, Airspeed Sensor, Temperature Sensor (engine), Receiver voltage, Ignition voltage, RPM sensor

Spektrum DX18

Vinyl Stars and bars, nose art, pilot name – BandE Graphixs

Body was stripped, converted to the B then glassed before I got it.


Approximate Cost

Airplane $400

Motor $300

Servos $400

Batteries & switches $150

Telemetry $300

Rcvr $200

Prop and spinner $75

GI Joe, panel, etc $50

Fuel tank $50

Servo extensions $50

Covering 2 alum, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 flat grn, 1 fly black -$75

BandE Graphix – $100

~$2150 total


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