Just Returned from Joe Nall 2013

Just got back from 4 days at Joe Nall 2013.  Was a good time as always.  I have about 1000 pictures to sort through and will try to come up with a slide show… maybe next weekend.  Quick list of gut reaction and hits and misses at the Nall.

Hits – Float flyers: They were out in force with even bigger and better Cubs (40 and 50% Cubs as well as what looked like a 60% or so monster) as well as lots of Icon A5s, Beavers, etc…, Facilities: Bathhouse expansion back at 3D, power at the Electric flight line, bypass lane at entrance.

Misses – Loss of Trees: I know this will be controversial but taking out the trees at the main flight line took some of the natural beauty away from the Triple Tree site.  It’s not like the runway and overflight area weren’t already very wide.  Many sites have much less…   Main line aircraft: I’ve been 4 of the last 5 years and this year it seemed like the main flight line had fewer and smaller of the big scale birds than in the past.  It seems like the growth is down at 3D and Electric along with the new CL circles while the main line diminished.  That seemed understood and accounted for at the 3D area but Electric was beyond capacity pretty much all afternoon with 5 flight stations (and some others joining in) active and 4 or 5 folks waiting at each.

I’ll do some posts on my particular Nall experiences over the next few days.

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