8th Annual Firemans Cheer Fund – video clip from the cub

Sunday, October 9th was a beautiful day with sunny skies and light winds… and best of all it was the day of the annual fly in for the Columbus Firemans Cheer Fund.  This event is a combination fly in for the local RC folks and an air show for the locals who might like to come out and observe.  Martin Hooks and I got together for the ride down and when we arrived we found fellow club member Steve Woods had also made the trip.

In the past, I have always enjoyed this event due to the laid back and welcoming atmosphere, good food, and a great facility.  Since this event benefits a great cause and typically has some great raffles and pilot prizes… and you have a winning combination.  All of the above is what keeps me coming back year after year.

This year I got in flights with my Carbon Cub, AeroWorks Extra 260, Flyzone Tidewater and the QX 350 quad.  In total I got in around at least 7 or 8 flights and on one of them I attached the GoPro Session to the bottom of the cub.  Here’s the video from that flight.

As you can tell, it was a nice day for RC flight and it all benefited a good cause.  All the pilots got at least one pilots prize and I even won a raffle prize.  I may have been able to buy the prize for what I put into the raffle but the plan was to help the Cheer Fund and enjoy the day… the prize was just a bonus!  We had a great day.

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  1. Wow, Jack! Thanks for the great post. I think everyone there enjoyed the event, and your post is a terrific tribute to that. You mentioned buying tickets for the raffles; thanks for joining in & contributing to the Cheer Fund total. Extra glad you won a prize!!!

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